Historien om Sverige

Just nu kan du se serien Historien om Sverige på SVTPlay. Här följer du olika individer som utgör vår historia. I avsnitt 2 får du se Öremölla glasen, de var funna i en kittel tillsammans med en hålslev & en slev. Dessa föremål var begravda med sin ägare, en man som varit legosoldat i Romerska riket. I graven fanns även ett keramik kärl, ringbrynja & ylle fragment. 

Forna Glas Catalog

View our catalog from viking age down to roman iron age. Discover glas, bowls and bottles for you or a perfect gift.
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Birka Beaker 

Found at Birka in Grave 539 ( also 644) , this beautiful beaker with large optical knots around its body just glimmer!

Have been found in Germany as well, the find from Birka sets apart just little color wise. Dated vking age.

50cl, choose between color Blue, Green or Amber Brown

530 sek  / OLD OUT

Cone glas w stand

Cone glasses are to be found through Scandinavia early migration period and until Viking age. They range in size and color, but usually it’s pale green and no pattern.

This type of glass has been found in numerous of at Birka, perhaps not as surprisingly since Birka was a trading place. 


370 sek

Birka small beaker

Excavated from tomb 750, This bell shaped beaker are common around Scandinavia and Europe. Size and color will range slightly. Very popular glas within re-anactment or Larp communities. Dated 900 AD

35-40cl, choose between color Green or Blue

380 sek / 1 left in green

Snartemo Beaker

Dates 500 AD before Viking age. Also been found in other locations through Scandinavia. Such as Oslo and Denmark. This one is a replica from Gotland, Snartemo.

50cl, 2 colors. Choose Green or Amber Brown


Grötlingsbo Beaker

Dated 550-800 AD found in Grötlingsbo, Gotland. Not sure, but it could been made in England ( Anglosax ) or France. Then traded or looted..? To have ended up in Gotland.

Its the only glass we know of in scandinavia to been pressed in to a form for its design, very cool detail. 


255 sek / few left

Birka glas Grave 644

Found in a double grave. A male warriors laid to rest beside a female. The grave has 79 items! Also to befound in same grave was 3 cone beakers, 1 optical beaker ( also in grave 539) and this one. 

The original one has more of a violet tone and a smal dark line runing under beneth the neck. Sadly our copies has not. But, it is a highly saught after glas, so get yours today! Dated 800-1100 AD


419 sek / only 2 left

Claw Beaker Kent, UK

Blue claw beaker, found in England, wickhanbreux, Kent. Can be seen at British Museum. Dated 600 AD Vendel period. Very nice to hold and use, looks “troublesome” but I can ensure you it’s just as lovely to look at as holding.


760 sek / Not Available

S Kvinneby Beaker

The glass was excavated on the island of ( S kvinneby) Öland, Sweden. Same type has been found in Hammenhög, scania, Sweden.

 Its dated Iron age, late Roman 300 AD.

It has some threading for decor around its body with a sturdy foot. The glass itself is green but can varying because its hand made. Even the size can be varied.


369 sek

Roman Wineglas

Found in a warriors grave, Öremölla, scania (skåne). Laying a couldron with two of its kind, beside them layed two sets of ladles. Dated to roman iron age, 100 AD. 

Only two placese during this time you would get this high quality glas, Greece or Egypt. We know today this glas was made in Egypt. Beacuse of all the excavation work in Egypt with these sorts of glases, bowls have been found.


369 sek

Little claw beaker

Ths very small beaker with claws have been found i Germany. The interpetation behind this very sweet copie is not yet fully discoverd. But looking closley at the claw beakers that is found, some where very small. 

Places of origin, England, Europe and scandinavia. Dates around 600-700 AD


635 sek / few left

Crackeld Roman Wineglas 

Ordinary glass to been found in around archaeological sites such as in Italy, Greece or even Egypt. What’s special about this glass is that it has cracks on its surface. It's not shiny and it's not matte either. The appearance is slightly rough, but still very dramatic.

Dated around 150 AD Roman iron age


369 sek

Large Roman Beaker

This is a very impressive beaker. Large size and highly detailed design, hand crafted and milled with a diamond pattern around the body. The body feels so soft and makes a wonderful sound when toasting. Small but sturdy base, have no fear!

Found on the Swedish island of Gotland, dated 100 AD. Clear glas is a impressive way of saying, " is very high status". Because early on in glas making, they would have made them to look like gemstones and rock chrystal was the best of the best.  


499 sek / only 1 left

Roman bottle 1 L

Houseware items such as this one is a staple find at archaeologic sites. Most common in Italy, Greece or Germany. They range in sizes, shapes and color. Mostly found i pale green, blue or even purple! They have lids and even handles on the sides. 

You would store liquids like Garum or fermented soon to be drinkable food. 

This beauty is exact 1 litre, perfect fore you boozy needs or water! Only sold in color blue. Dates around 100-300AD

1 litre

380 sek

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